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October 2022
A slow start, but this investment has been averaging 4% (or better) monthly for years.

Thousands of others are already investing, such as in this service

Professional Traders

Forex investing isn't easy but hiring a professional with a proven track record is

Copy Services specializes in software that securely connects you with professional traders


The largest financial market in the world, with trillions traded daily

Safe and Secure

You choose a broker, only you have access, your investment is not locked in

What good is 4%? Start with the minimum $5K and invest for 5 years.
Open this calculator and enter the following:

$5000 for the deposit
4% for the monthly rate
(change interest payments to monthly)
5 years for how long
monthly deposit set to -30 (for fees)
click the Calculate button

5 years later your investment has grown to $45,458.42

Only $99 US

Finding a reliable service and getting setup is not easy, why not just start safely profiting? For a one-time fee of $99 US you get detailed instructions to get you up and running. This includes identifying the best signals (averaging 4% a month or better), and up to two hours of personal assistance via Zoom meetings and email. That should be enough time but no worries additional time is available if you need it.

After that there is only the monthly signal fee between $30 (small accounts) and $80 (big accounts). The image below shows how the signal service works.

About you
You can start with as little as $1K US, although more is better. Consider 4% of 750 is 30, so a $750 account would only break even.
You'll need a reliable Windows computer and Internet access, or you can rent a computer in the cloud. You don't need any special knowledge, but you do need to be reasonably comfortable with your computer.

If you have any questions, do some more research and review this page again. There is a lot of information here and in the sites linked. Keep reading until you feel you are comfortable with the investment potential.

No refunds.
As they say in investing: past performance does not guarantee future performance. I am not an investment advisor, nor is this investment advice.

Let's go!
When you are ready to start investing send an email to Gerry care of ("at") this website ( You will receive a reply within 24 hours and be on your way averaging 4% per month!