Fast, Fun, Easy & Free

Calendar & Day Planner for Windows - perfect for home or small business use

Cool Features:

  • Day planner for reminders, etc.
  • Automatically repeating reminders
  • Quick-check reminders (see sample)
  • Week-at-a-glance
  • Opens web sites on schedule
  • Selectable fonts, colors and other settings
  • PinkCal App for Android

Other Projects

File Finder

Can't find your files because you have too many folders and hard-drives? Organize your files the way you want them organized. Try my free utility: ffinder

Pazzword Manager

I don't like KeePass (lousy user interface, too busy, and too many popups), so I wrote a replacement.

After you entered your data (websites and account info): single click on a name (website) and your browser opens, at the same time your username has already been copied to the clipboard. After entering your username (in the browser) go back to Pazzword Manager and your password is automatically copied to the clipboard. Return to the browser and paste your password. Done with minimal clicking, copying and pasting.

Download Password Manager (zip). Uses AES encryption by Bouncy Castle.

Windows will get .NET 7 for you; for other platforms (e.g. Mac, Linux) download here, look for .NET Runtme

HardMail AI

My own version of an email client, an artificial intelligence-enabled email program. In development but currently working with GMail and Outlook/Live.


GPS tracking for assets and employees. Check it out!