HardMail AI Email Client - Privacy Policy

We are an ethical company, and we respect your privacy. We do not your share data with third-parties. We protect your information as best we can. The only data we ask for is data needed to make the service useful. For our website privacy policy see Website Privacy Policy.

Questions and Answers

What personal information does the App collect?

HardMail AI does not "collect" personal information.

HardMail AI asks for your email login in order to provide you with the email functionality you would expect: the ability to read and send your email. Your information stays with your email provider(s) and on your computer.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to use strong passwords for your email account(s). It is your responsibility to protect access to your computer.

How do we protect your information?

HardMail AI encrypts your email passwords. Emails are encrypted in transit. Communications with OpenAI are encrypted in transit.

Third-party disclosure

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties any of your information.

Third-party links

We do not sell third-party products or services. We link to OpenAI because to get the most out of HardMail AI you might like to create an account with them. We are not affiliated with OpenAI (bummer, we would like to be but they won't answer our calls!).

Data Breach

Should a data breach occur we will:

  - Be sad about it.
  - Not do anything else because it would not impact anyone else.

Last Edited on 2024-03-25