HardMail AI FAQ - With Answers!

HardMail AI ("the website" and the "email client") are the property of Avox Technologies LLP.

1. Why is it called HardMail AI?

Most things in life that are worth while are hard.

2. What does HardMail AI cost?

HAI is currently free, but some features may become part of HardMail AI "Pro" some day. The free version will retain the ability to do regular email things, as well as have AI process email.

3. What does OpenAI cost?

They make it almost impossible to determine exactly. First they convert processing time to "tokens" using complicated algorithms. Then how many tokens are needed to process a single email depends on how long the email is, how complex the email is, and how complex the request to process the email is. So it is impossible to know until after the processing is done.

Short answer: if you have a job that requires you read a lot of emails, you will find the cost of OpenAI easily pays for itself in the time it saves you.

4. How much time will AI save me?

It depends. Depends on how many emails you need to have processed, how complex they are, etc., etc.

Not so short answer: generally AI can reduce the size of your emails 20-80%. Some emails get straight to the point, others are full of blah, blah, blah. The larger the email, the more likely the benefit. Plan for an average of 50% reduction in length of an email so estimate you will spend 50% less time reading email.

5. Who will benefit the most from HardMail AI?

People who receive a lot of email, and people who do not have a lot of time for email.

6. Is AI Perfect?

AI can make mistakes. But it's pretty darn good and getting better all the time.

7. How can I support HardMail AI?

I'm glad you asked. Click here to support HardMail AI.