HardMail AI Free

Now supporting ChatGPT-4o! For Windows 64bit systems. Updated May. 15, 2024

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HardMail AI is a very new, causing various security systems to freak out.
Solutions to various download and installation issues below.

Download Problem: HardMail AI isn't commonly downloaded

If your browser doesn't want to download, click the 3 dots "..." then More actions, then Keep, then Show more, then Keep anyway

Installation Problem: Unknown Publisher

Select "Run". Unknown Publisher refers to anyone who hasn't paid off the certificate authorities (hundreds of dollars per year!).

Run Time Problem: Microsoft Defender doesn't recognize HardMail AI

Select "Run anyway". HardMail AI is very new and unknown to most Anti-Virus programs. Personally I switched to BitDefender because Microsoft Defender was giving me such a hard time and I noticed MD wasn't getting very good reviews.

Run Time Problem: .Net 8 isn't installed on your system

Click "Download it now" or use this direct download (microsoft.com) and install

Run Time Problem: Avast Anti-Virus (and probably others) blocking network access

Avast is okay with HardMail AI installation and starting, but blocks access to the network (email servers). Probably Avast can be configured to allow access, check with Avast or Google.

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